Stacy Howe
COLLAGEThe Meat InsideJAW WORKPHOTOGRAPHYProfane Maine GhostsSCULPTUREOrnamentOh so small drawingsProclivitiesSturm und DrangCut DownMIXED MEDIACOLLIDEanimals eating things they shouldn'tAUTOMATIST ASSEMBLAGESSpontaneous Human Combustion and More Tangible CrimesSybarites and TransmogrificationsAttempts at HappyFilms & GifsCrazy PagesArtist
born: Worcester, MA
resides: Portland, ME

Through a process of Surrealist inspired automatism I have come to produce a series of assemblages. Surrealist notions of dream imagery, games of chance, and the marriage of contraries are employed to meld incongruous forms which are then harmonized through ornamentation. I use symbolic forms of the Gothic while imbuing the inanimate with emotion, the allure of violence, the drive towards death, and the return to the primordial.